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KTM 950 Fuel Pump Kit

Change your stock fuel pump for a vacuum fuel pump!

Many riders find that the electronic fuel pump that comes stock with the KTM 950 Adventure and Super Enduro is one of the bikes biggest design flaws.

One of the main reasons people buy KTM is that when an adventurer takes his bike off the road he must have complete confidence that it will carry him to when he is going. A fuel pump failing in the bush can be catastrphoic, leaving you stranded. The stock fuel pump can fail anywhere between 5000km and 50 000km, and can do so without warning.

The vacuum fuel pump was originally used on snowmobiles where failure of the machine on could have the direst of consiquences. It uses the vacuum created by the intake manifold to flow fuel. This design, due to its simplicity, is extremely reliable. Not only do they very rarely fail due to wear, but when they do, you can fix them with a pocket knife and a kit the size of a match box.

The best part is the entire kit only costs 84.99$. Thats 130$ cheaper than the stock electronic fuel kit in Canada!

Do yourself a favor, don't wait until your fuel pump dies on the road!

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Fuel Pump conversion Kit: $84.99
Mikuni repair kit: $14.99

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