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Sled, ATV, and Motorcycle DVDs

We have many extreme sport movies for your entertainment. Here are a few of the titles we currently carry:

Alticity Five
POWDER, CRASHES, AND HILLCLIMBS� that is what this season was all about for the crew at Alticity. See sleds become submarines in deep dry powder, watch the boys launch off of big natural backcountry hits, and feast your eyes AND EARS on first ascent hillclimbs that are pulled in a Nitrous fed frenzy.
It takes a sixth sense to drop a huge cliff, jump immeasurable distances, and cut through mounds of untouched powder. Follow north Americas best back country riders as they push their limits into a new realm. Filmed in British Columbia, Alaska, Colorado, Wyoming, and Newfoundland, and throughout the continent�s best snow zones.
The Fallout (Vol. 1)
The Fallout. Vol 1 is an ATV film dedicated to bringing the freeriding aspect of motocross to fans and riders alike. This movie provides a superior entertainment experience dedicated to freeriding. Watch how Jon Guetter progresses the art of ATV freestyle to the next level and taking the sport mainstream. The film will also show all aspects of the sport, from family participation, personal dedication and the shear love of competition.
The Quadfather
X-Factor video presents an epic quad adventure, featuring insane freestyle with the Akraix riders, onboard camera angles of the sickest trails and most grueling races, atv street extreme with the CVBoyz, the first ever quad supermoto race at Buffalo Bills and blistering sand sessions in such hot spots as Glamis, Oregon Dunefest, and Little Sahara ... plus much more.
Severe Supermoto
This film is a dynamic thrill ride into the fast growing sport of Supermoto Racing. Filmed all over the USA and features such greats as Jeff Ward, Travis Pastrana, Mickey Dymond and Troy Lee. Includes a great bonus segment on supermoto bike set-up.
Slednecks 9
For the first time ever, Slednecks puts together a legitimate world record distance jump on an airport runway in Minnesota. Slednecks team rider Paul Thacker hucks into the record books. Super athlete Jim Rippey, who showed the world you could flip a sled in Slednecks 4, is back with another first ever stunt off a 2,000 foot cliff in Canada! Slednecks 9 also takes you half way around the world to the Red Square in Moscow, Russia for a first ever snowmobiling event!

These are only a few of the movies we have, so check out the store for more exciting DVDs!

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